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Manage everything from schedules and job assignments, offers and order confirmations, products and price lists, invoices and accounting and much more in our easy-to-use all-in-one software.

Plan, schedule and prioritize all tasks

Easily keep track of hours with a built in timer

Send offers and invoices easier than ever

Equipped with premium features for your convenience

Spend less time on business administration and more time doing the things you love. With OS Worker, easily digitize and optimize your business so you can do just that.

OS Worker was created to make everyday life easier for professionals like you. From planning schedules to registering hours and materials to sending offers and invoices with a few clicks, you’ll always have an overview of your business readily available to view or update, wherever you are.

OS Worker integrates with your favorite systems

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"I recommend OS WORKER because you get time registration, orders and invoicing all in one place. This means that from the time you create a customer to the time you send an invoice, it only takes 2 minutes."

Martin Ganderup

With OS Vehicle you’ll gain complete control over your fleet

OS VEHICLE is OS Worker’s very own tool for tracking all your vehicles, including machines, cars and trailers. Tired of trying to calculate how many miles you or your employee drove to a client the month before, or figuring out which employee can get to a client fastest? OS VEHICLE will take care of it! With built in GPS tracking, all movement is recorded automatically and digitally for you.  In this way, you can save hours on administration, reduce errors in registrations and increase the level of service to your customers.

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"Using OS WORKER has made us earn more money per job because we can invoice much more precisely."

Jonas Johansen, Benny Johansen & Sons

"Back in the day, I spent countless hours trying to find receipts in folders and binders to keep the bookkeeping afloat. Today all receipts and invoices come in digitally - it means that I can search and find everything in seconds, which saves my and my clients time and money!”

Patrica Nørrelund, Degovi

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Send offers and invoices easier than ever

Plan and prioritize your tasks like a pro

Make sure you never miss a deadline

Easily keep track of hours with a built in timer