Budget module

Stay updated on your
earnings for each project

The Budget Module always gives you an up-to-date overview of your expenses and earnings, enabling you to track your categorised expenses and project margins for each project or your entire enterprise.

Keep track of expenses

Secure earnings and margins

Full financial overview every step of the way

Know exactly what
you earn on each project

The Budget Module is the central tool for calculating project costs, earnings, and margins. When you make an offer in the app your projected working hours, materials and resources are calculated, giving you an overview of the expected costs and earnings.

Once the work begins, the working hours, used materials and other expenses are added to the case. The budget module then calculates your earnings and margins, so you have an up-to-date overview, ensuring that everything is going according to budget.

Keep track of your projects

The OS Worker Budget Module offers you a transparent tool that can be as detailed as you need, including margins and profitability ratios, ensuring that all case expenses can be invoiced accurately.

This key feature speeds up processing and administration, benefiting your business from project start to finish. This enables you to maintain a healthy economy for your enterprise every step of the way.

As projects are concluded you can send the invoices to the customer directly through OS Worker using a computer or a mobile device.

"I recommend OS WORKER because you get time registration, orders and invoicing all in one place. This means that from the time you create a customer to the time you send an invoice, it only takes 2 minutes."

Martin Ganderup

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The app offers an accessibility setting where the text can be read out loud. With this function, all fields in the app can be read aloud so you can listen while you work!