Hour registration

Take control of your
invoicing and accounting

With the ability to register hours digitally, your employees will have the autonomy and power to log their time directly in the app. This makes for faster and more accurate of billable hours and resources used on each project. When it comes time to handle invoicing and accounting, you will have an up-to-date overview of all registered hours spent on each project.

Turn time-slips into pay-slips with a click of a button

Easily keep track of hours with the built in timer

Secure full invoicing for every workhour spent

Time registration in the app

Our project time tracking saves time and effort for both you and your employees. With the OS Worker app, you can record hours quickly and accurately with a simple push of a button. This ensures you never lose track of the time spent on a specific project. The data is stored in OS Worker for easy processing on invoices and pay slips.

The OS Worker app offers excellent time tracking, so employees can promptly log every hour spent on a job and then move on to the next task. They can also add details such as billable hours, non-billable hours, breaks, ad-hoc tasks, as well as additional comments.

Immediate results and benefits

Stop waiting for employees to get you their hours at the end of the month or tallying up hand-scribbled notes. When the hours are registered in the app, they are added to the system immediately and automatically calculated.

OS Worker gives an overview of each employee and their time consumption, making it easy to approve hours and invoice them to the customer. This saves administration time and effort for the foreman or bookkeeper.

From timesheet to payroll slip

An added bonus to having employee hours recorded digitally is that the timesheets can be automatically turned into payslips with a few clicks of a button. All that needs to be done is for the hours to be approved by the foreman or bookkeeper, and then they can be sent directly to the salary system in the form of a payslip.

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