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As a partner with OS Worker, you become a part of our reseller network - providing a top-of-the-line digital platform to craftsmen in your market.

The reseller network is part of the OS Worker core strategy, where the success of our partners is closely tied to our success. Our strategy is based on a “Partner First” approach, prioritizing the growth of our partners’ businesses.

As such, we are committed to aiding our resellers across Europe achieve their business goals and establish long-term relationships built on common goals and trust.

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Receive commission for each signed contract.

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At OS Worker, we recognize common challenges among craftsmen. Time-consuming administration tasks that are deprioritized or get in the way of the real work, as well as a lack of good digital tools to help them overcome these challenges.

As a consequence, craftsmen tend to be less efficient in their administrative tasks compared to similar industries – wasting time and losing money. Furthermore, owners, bookkeepers and business consultants tend to have limited access to data, reducing their ability to optimize their clients’ business.

Digitalization and automation of many of these tasks and data-gaps can considerably increase the efficiency and therefore the bottom-line for many craftsmen – and this is where OS Worker can help.

OS Worker helps craftsmen utilize their time better by providing them with the essential tools and automated core functions for all the things they need; a cloud-based system in an easy-to-use all-in-one software.

As a Partner in OS Worker you become an integral part of this mission.

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Are you ready to be a part of the OS Worker Partner Program? Register as a Partner today and join our mission to digitalize the craftsmen in your local market.

After your registration, you will receive more information about OS Worker, our Partner Programs, and be contacted by one of our Partner Account Managers to be taken through the next steps.

Do you not already have knowledge of our product, or are you not quite convinced yet? Explore the OS Worker platform by trying our 14-day free, no-obligations trial period to experience it firsthand.

Find out why over 30.000 professionals in Europe have added OS Worker to their business’ digital toolbox.

Any initial questions about the OS Worker Partner Program can be addressed to Senior Account Manager, Erik Kjærstad, on erik.kjaerstad@osworker.com.