Fast and simple invoicing
for your craftsman business

Tired of spending countless hours manually collecting and typing information to create invoices?

Let OS Worker’s invoicing system do the hard work for you and find that freedom to do something else. The specialized quote and invoicing software gathers all relevant information on a case, including billable hours, materials, and other expenses, and transfers it to invoices with a few clicks in the system.

Send invoices directly from the app

Save time and increase your liquidity

Find every invoice in one, easy-to-search database

Digital invoicing at its best

Invoicing digitally with the OS Worker app will help your business save time and reduce the risk of making recording errors and losing hours and materials – all of which will result in more liquidity and happier customers.

When you use OS Worker, all of your employees’ hours and order materials will be registered (usually immediately) in the system. So, when it comes time for you to create and send invoices, all you need to do is find the specific order and, with a few clicks and within minutes, you can send off the invoice to your customers.

Even better, with the OS Worker app, you can send invoices from anywhere. This gives you flexibility, so you do not have to be in the office finding the paperwork you need to complete an invoice.

A full overview of all invoices

All invoices you have sent are securely collected in the system, giving you a full overview of sent, paid and unpaid invoices. This enables you to conveniently check up on the status of your invoices, no matter where you are.

You can view all invoices on one page, or you can isolate them into groups such as sales invoices, creditor invoices or even by a specific order or company.

"I recommend OS WORKER because you get time registration, orders and invoicing all in one place. This means that from the time you create a customer to the time you send an invoice, it only takes 2 minutes."

Martin Ganderup

Billing made easy

OS Worker has many integrated systems to help make your work simpler, allowing for direct integrating into your preferred accounting application.

This means that whenever you send or receive an invoice, all information is synchronized with your chosen accounting program so that your finances are always kept in order.

The inbox and outbox

In the OS Worker system, you have an inbox and outbox where you can find an overview of all invoices, offers and cases sent to and received by your clients and vendors.

In the inbox, you can see all invoices sent as well as their status. This includes the invoice number, creditor name, case number, the individual responsible, the invoice date as well as when it has been received and paid. Any electronic documents or other attachments can also be viewed here.

In the outbox, you can view the status of anything you have sent to a client, including invoices, offers, case confirmations and reminders.

This way, you gain control of all logistics in your enterprise.