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As your construction management software, OS Worker allows you to easily customize the platform to meet the needs of your business and maximize your potential. Plan your projects, get a financial overview, register your time and materials and much more - all in one user-friendly platform.

The cloud-based system securely saves all your data and is always accessible in your OS Worker account, regardless of whether you are in the office or on-site. 

OS Worker provides the company owner with a complete financial overview and cuts down on administrative hours. You have the flexibility to control which employees get access to what information, always ensuring a high level of data security in the process.

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favorite integrated programs

To ensure you truly have everything you need in one place, OS Worker integrates most other applications you need to keep your business on track.

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We offer a 14-day free, no-obligations trial period so you can test drive our platform. Find out why over 30.000 professionals in Europe have added OS Worker to their business’ digital toolbox.

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