Quality Assurance

Ensure the quality of each job is verified and recorded

With OS Worker, you can secure every project bydocumenting the work and establishing quality assurance checks in the app.

Whether you require predefined statutory forms orcustomizable checklists to be filled out after each job, every type ofprofessional can benefit from OS Worker’s quality assurance feature.

Ensure your quality standards are met for every task

Upload any quality assurance scheme you prefer yourself, or with the help of our team

Add pictures, videos, and files directly to the app to document your work

Document every step of the way

In the OS Worker app, employees working on a case can see which forms need to be filled out before the case can be closed for the day. For example, they can see whether the customer needs to sign off on an installation before they leave the jobsite. This means that they can conclude the matter directly with the customer and ensures that they remember to get it done before they leave and close the case.

Workers can also document the work with visuals and add them directly to the case, which can immediately be seen on the system as well. To learn more about documentation, click here.

Rest assured knowing that quality assurance is filled out for every job

No matter what industry you are in, it is likely that you have quality assurance forms to fill out after each project, or even each day of a project. You can set up these predefined or customized forms in the app, where you have the flexibility to create and tailor your own templates to align with the specific quality control requirements of your construction business.

This helps you to make sure everything is checked off and documented for every job.

When you set up your OS Worker account, you can get assistance in creating and uploading the forms you wish to include and set the requirements necessary for employees to close a case. Whether it is a statutory form or a checklist to make sure employees register their hours and materials.

By having all necessary forms in the app, it is quick and easy for workers to fill them out from the job site, and you will always know where to find them. This ensures that the necessary quality assurance is consistently carried out and securely stored.

Assure your customers by delivering persistent quality results

OS Worker provides you with a system, which helps to ensure that each project meets the quality requirements set by both you and any regulatory authorities. You can arrange the system so that a case cannot be invoiced until the quality assurance checks have been completed, guaranteeing that every single case lives up to your quality standards.

The app is synchronized with the system, which means that when a form is filled out or documentation is uploaded to the app, it can immediately be viewed by all relevant employees in your company. This will save you time and enable quicker invoicing, as you do not have to wait for documents to be handed in physically.

"I recommend OS WORKER because you get time registration, orders and invoicing all in one place. This means that from the time you create a customer to the time you send an invoice, it only takes 2 minutes."

Martin Ganderup

OS Worker is much more than just quality insurance

OS Worker offers more than just quality assurance for your craftsmanship enterprise. It is a comprehensive task management system that allows you to manage your entire business, from creating offers to generating invoices – all accessible from both a computer and the app.

With OS Worker, you gain a complete overview of all tasks, making it easy to plan, execute, and invoice projects. This saves you both time and money.